Authentication method to assure the right disposables are used in your pump

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  • Patented method
  • License-ready
  • Minimal production costs
  • Seamless integration

What is the loss to your business as a result of the use of unauthorized disposable tubing sets?

You have made investments in developing and manufacturing disposable tubing so that your infusion pump operates optimally for patient safety.  Facilities that use unapproved tubing may not only have an impact to your business, but they may be unknowingly compromising the sensitive functions of the equipment.  AcoustiKey™ is the licensed method you need to defend against the use of unauthorized disposable cartridges with your equipment, and gives the end-user assurance that the disposable cassette is installed properly every time.
Protect your investments and assets with AcoustiKey™ so that you can programmatically provide authorization for the access and use of approved accessories with your equipment.  Licensing AcoustiKey™ for use in your products will prove a strong economic model while maintaining yourequipment’s reputation.
  • Recoup revenue losses
  • Help assure patient safety
  • Ensure proper on-site product functionality
  • Retain demand for authorized disposable sets
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