Modified lead metaniobate

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When a higher signal strength is needed, K-85 offers the advantage of a high signal-to-noise ratio without sacrificing loop gain.  This piezoceramic is formulated for contact transducer applications 5MHz and below.
Symbol Property Spec   Symbol Property Spec
KT3 Relative dielectric permittivity at 1 kHz 800   KS3   625
k33 Longitudinal coupling coefficient 0.47   k15 Shear coupling coefficient 0.39
kt Thickness coupling coefficient 0.43   kp Coupling factor 0.19
k31   0.12   d33 Piezoelectric charge coefficient 200
dh   114   d15 Piezoelectric strain constant 210
d31 Piezoelectric strain constant -43   g33 Piezoelectric voltage constant 25
g15 Piezoelectric voltage constant 25   g31 Piezoelectric voltage constant -6
Tc Curie temperature 300   Y33E
  2.17   S11E Elastic compliance under E=0,10-13 m2/ N n/a
QEM,T Mechanical quality factor 20   tanδ Dielectric loss factor 2.0
Nt Thickness mode resonance frequency constant 1650   N33   n/a
Np Radial mode resonance frequency constant 2120   N31   n/a
N15 Shear mode resonance frequency constant 990   ρ Density 5.7
VL   3400   VS   1940
ZL Compressional acoustic impedance under E=0 19   α   1.6
  Max. recommended working range     KT(S)3 Longitudinal free (clamped) dielectric constant (625) 800
KT(S)1 Transverse free (clamped) dielectric constant (800) 950   kp(k31) Planar coupling coefficient (0.12) 0.19
kt/kp Piezoelectric anisotropy 2.3   d33(dh) Piezoelectric strain (isotropic) constant (114) 200
CD33 Elastic stiffness under D=0, GPa 82   σρ Planar poisson coefficient 0.19
QM,T Thickness mode quality factor 20   Qm,p Planar mode quality factor 20
VL(VS) Longitudinal (shear) sound velocity under E=0 (1.94) 3.40   Acoustic impedance n/a
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