Air in line detection

Bubble detection

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  • Custom housing and electronics
  • Mounting orientation
  • Variety of tubing diameters
  • Cartridge clamping
  • Air detection threshold
  • Signaling system

With dozens of different alarm and information signals occurring in ICUs, potentially dangerous conditions can mount if caregivers become desensitized to alarms.  By reducing the number of alarms with smarter air detection sensor solutions, we can help you to provide hospitals, clinics, and patients a sophisticated, more desirable medical device. 

Advanced AIL features 

Advanced air-in-line (AIL) sensor systems that go beyond detection of air presence are now available.  Solutions offering air-volume accumulation capability can be applied to reduce the frequency of false alarms. Additional capabilities, such as discriminating bubbles by size and the accumulation of bubbles are also available.  
Meggitt has proprietary solutions for using ultrasonics as an inexpensive method to distinguish or identify infusion pump tube sets and cassettes.  An ability to automatically identify cassettes may be employed to enhance drug delivery safety or preclude the use of counterfeit disposables. 
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