Research support program

We have a proud history of supporting the research and development of the ultrasonic sciences. Researchers can apply for special manufacturing quantities to conduct research that advances the use of ultrasound using our piezoceramic materials.

Supporting advanced ultrasound research  

Our Research Support Program provides piezoelectric scientists and ultrasonic engineering researchers with special order quantities for academic or R&D projects that have the potential to compare, enhance, and build on our piezoceramic library.


This program is available to members of the non-profit research, commercial, and academic community. Each applicant must review and adhere to the full terms and conditions, which include the following restrictions:

  • Publications presenting research that was done using resources provided by this program must include an attribution to Meggitt for providing those resources.  
  • Only registered researchers and their teams may use the program materials.
  • Before being accepted into the program, you must read and agree to the full Terms of Use. 

Download Terms of Use

Submit a research support request

If you are interested in participating, click on the following link to submit a Request for Research Support form which will prompt you to provide contact information and a description of the project to be undertaken.

Your support request will be evaluated by a team of our scientific experts. A formal response will be provided within two business weeks provided that the submission is not received within a national holiday period or other customary business holiday.‚Äč

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