Solving critical ultrasonic measurement requirements; precisely, accurately, and reliably

Innovation Starts Here

Piezo Technologies has been pioneering ultrasonic transducer and sensor technology for critical specialty applications since 1967, and its technology is found in hundreds of products requiring precision measurements. We deliver specialized piezoceramic material formulations, fabrications and customized integrated ultrasonic systems so that our customers’ keep their innovation flowing – building products that continue to get more accurate, more reliable, while remaining affordable.

Improving the Competitive Position for Oil, Gas, and Industrial Products

Piezo Technologies has a long history of providing acoustical measurement products for the harsh environments of the energy industry. Our leading-edge R&D has led to many unique ultrasonic solutions for downhole high performance imaging, well integrity, and flow measurement. Our custom-engineered transducers are designed for reliability where downtime is not an option.

Custom Ceramic Fabrications to Lower Product Development Risks

At the core of our advanced solutions are custom fabrications for high temperature ranges needing a broad bandwidth to demanding highly sensitive end products. We offer more than 17 piezoceramic formulations, including Lead Metaniobate and Bismuth Titanate to the more common Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) to bring an unbiased solution to your application challenges. 


Latest News

The Meggitt Sensing Systems Piezo group will exhibit at OTC in booth 6401 May 5 – 8. Piezo Technologies will offer a demonstration featuring a custom-engineered structural thickness measurement assembly designed for structural integrity applications.
Meggitt PLC, the global aerospace, defence and energy group, has signed an agreement to acquire Piezotech LLC. The transaction strengthens two strands of Meggitt’s sensing systems business: high performance piezo-ceramic technology for extreme temperature gas turbine sensors; and its position in emerging energy and medical markets – in particular, downhole drilling and medical applications. Click here to read the press release.