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Ultrasonic Transducers

An assortment of ultrasonic transducers

Piezo Technologies manufactures solutions-based custom and semi-custom high-performance ultrasonic transducers and sensors for medical and industrial applications. Although Piezo Technologies does not offer off-the-shelf products, we have a vast database of past ultrasonic transducer projects that can be used in many cases as a base for new semi-custom or modular products. To meet your unique needs, we may just need to alter the size, cabling, housing, etc. of a product previously produced.

This database of products, coupled with our many years of experience help reduce the cost and turnaround time of custom ultrasonic transducer products. In other cases, your needs may require a comprehensive engineering / development phase, and Piezo Technologies’ personnel and resources are unmatched in new product development.

Whether your needs are for semi-custom, modular, or pure custom products, Piezo Technologies is committed to minimizing your costs and turnaround times, while producing the best ultrasonic transducers, sensors, and systems available.

Applications include:

Industries served include:

Our Single Element Group develops custom ultrasonic solutions, such as:

Did you know Piezo Technologies provides Next Higher Assemblies (NHA’s)? Take advantage of our technical knowledge and production capability to help you build your assemblies. Contact us to discuss the benefits.

Piezo Technologies also provides complete OEM contract assembly and manufacturing services. For more information or a project quote regarding ultrasonic transducers and sensors for medical and industrial applications, please contact us.