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Medical/HIFU Transducers

Transesophageal HIFU Probe
Transesophageal HIFU Probe
Extracorporeal Array
Extracorporeal Array

Piezo Technologies provides semi-custom, modular, and pure custom ultrasonic transducer products for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound applications. None of our transducers are off-the-shelf. Each solution is designed for your specific applications. Our vast database of past projects provides a base for developing many new products as semi-custom or modular devices. This reduces both cost and turnaround time, while still providing a unique product. We also specialize in developing pure custom devices. Our technical experts are available to discuss your application and recommend an ultrasonic transducer product that will satisfy your specific requirements. To expedite your inquiry, please fill out our Request Quote Form.

Piezo Technologies is a world-leading provider of HIFU materials and transducer technology.

HIFU Technology Has a Wide Range of Applications Beyond the Medical Industry:

Piezo Technologies offers high power ultrasonic transducers for many industries:

All of our finished custom and semi-custom products can be provided with components, such as specific cabling and adapters you request. Just include your requirements on the Request Quote Form or when ordering the product.

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